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What happens when the woman of your dreams comes calling for you? Could you resist answering? Even if she were a vampire?

Immerse yourself in a heart-pounding lesbian vampire romantic adventure with “Blood Rituals: A Cait Reagan Novel,” a supernatural thrill ride from novelist Aoibh Wood. In this unputdownable paranormal romance, Boston Homicide Detective Caitlin Reagan struggles, carrying the burdens of PTSD from her time in the Iraq war and painstakingly compartmentalizing her life to hold her inner demons at bay.

When the murder of a charity worker pushes Caitlin into the world of the enigmatic and irresistible Marcella Carson, Caitlin finds herself drawn into the mysterious allure of the striking businesswoman, stirring an awakening that forces her to question everything about her world, her identity, and her sexual orientation.


Soon, Caitlin finds herself in a secret underground subculture teeming with mythical creatures and vampire intrigue, a place where Caitlin may truly belong and which may hold the key to her ultimate destiny. Blood Rituals invites readers into a shadowy world where magic is waning, public surveillance is on the rise, and where Caitlin must tackle her internal traumas, rediscover her hidden past, and unmask an undead serial killer.


“Blood Rituals” offers a blend of gripping vampire adventure, paranormal intrigue, and lesbian romance, all seen through the eyes of a woman grappling with PTSD, trust issues, and the latent realization of her lesbian identity. As Caitlin's journey unfolds, readers will meet a vibrant cast of characters that includes a Latino cowboy cop with a love for country music, a deadly vampire assassin, and a retired serpent goddess with a passion for science.

Blood Rituals: A Cait Regan Novel (Signed Paperback)

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